New look, same field-proven content

The website that most readers are familiar with launched in late-2011, shortly before the release of the first edition of The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide. It was designed by Bracia, which like my company is mostly a one-man operation, and was a technological leap in my web presence. Its aesthetic was vastly superior to the preceding website, and the WordPress framework allowed me to more easily publish content, respond to reader comments, and take book orders.

Pre-2011 website

When we launched, it was hard to imagine that in the next seven years I would write over 700 blog posts, create guides for six routes and trails, and guide more than 80 trips with 500 clients.

But the website was well designed and flexible, and it was able to grow with me. A few tweaks were necessary — like making it “responsive” to mobile traffic, and hosting it with KornDev as traffic increased — but it was essentially the same site until yesterday.

Homepage, 2012 to 2019

This latest redesign was again done by Bracia, and I’m again thrilled with the end product. It has a cleaner and more modern look, but should still feel familiar. Its mega-menu is awesomely functional, especially on mobile. And its back-end is more up to date and supported. We also fixed a few things that were bothering me about the old site (e.g. multi-post series like campsite selection are now listed in descending order, and images and charts are no longer limited to 640 pixels in width).

Just launched!

As I toured it last night, I found a few items that need fixing. If you see anything that’s amiss, leave a comment and I’ll get it addressed.

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